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How are schools coping with loss of staff?

During the Covid pandemic there have been times when many schools have struggled with staff illnesses. As many students were also at home at times, it did mean that some teachers were still able to work as they didn’t need to leave their house but over the last few months with the surge of Omicron, many schools are struggling to keep up with demand. Omicron although seemingly less dangerous to most, is affecting more people and with teachers still having to isolate, it means there are less and less available to teach. Sometimes this has meant that schools have had to close or close to certain year groups and switch to online learning. This has meant yet more disruption for pupils but with a shortage of supply teachers, it is... Read More »

Getting parents on board

Often teachers will say one of the hardest parts of their job is dealing with the parents. The parents are obviously protective and want the best for their child, but the teacher often has 30 pupils that all need to be given a fair chance and have opportunities. Some parents can become quite pushy when their child starts school and they can often make the job of the teacher very hard. As a teacher it is important to try and get parents on side. Make sure that you are approachable and willing to listen to parents concerns. It may be that you need to designate a day or time of day for this to be done. Make sure that you communicate with the child’s parent’s not just on negative issues... Read More »

Looking for a new career for 2022?

Can you believe that in only a few weeks we will be seeing the new year in? 2022 is nearly upon us and if you have been thinking about changing your career, maybe now is the time to do it. It may be that you have put it all on hold because of the situation with Covid, but as it appears it may be here to stay for some time, you may decide that there is no time like the present. Have you ever considered becoming a teacher? Although no one can tell you teaching is an easy job and its not always extremely well paid, but it is very rewarding and there are some great perks. If you have children that are of school age then you may find... Read More »

Have you considered becoming a private tutor?

Education has been massively disrupted for the second year in a row due to Covid and lockdowns. Many schools were closed for a period of time, only able to teach keyworker children face to face. This meant that education was left in the hands of many parents who simply didn’t have the time or knowledge to teach their child what they needed to know. Private tutoring is often called for when parents cannot or do not want to send their child in to a school or if they want their child to receive additional educational time. They may want the child to be home schooled and ask that a private tutor come to the home to teach them. Private tutoring isn’t just for children, it can be used by adults... Read More »

Should children be put in to sets for Maths and English?

Currently most secondary schools’ split children up in to sets for Maths and English but this has recently started to filter through to some primary schools who have decided to adapt this way of teaching. Splitting children in to sets is often a bit of a controversial topic in which not all parents and teachers agree upon. Many parents worry that their child will be upset if they are in a bottom set for a subject and may not bother trying. They also may feel that their child has been put in the incorrect set for their ability level. Working in sets can have a lot of advantages for pupils and teachers. It allows the teacher to tailor the work very specifically to the skill set of the group. Rather... Read More »