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Getting ready for the summer break

Many teachers are now on the wide down to summer holidays and looking forward to the 6 week break. This last week or so in school can be quite hard work as not only are the children often worn out and ready for a break but there is usually a lot of disruption. You may have sports days, taster lessons in their new classes, team treats and end of year assemblies to fit in on top of your normal lessons and marking. You will also have to start to think about the new class that you will be teaching and start to make changes to the classroom in readiness for September. Many schools have a PD day just after the children officially break up to give them time to start... Read More »

Helping children learn how to read

Reading is a vital skill that everyone should have the opportunity to learn. Now a day’s all children who attend an education setting are taught to read right from nursery or reception.  If your child attends a nursery or child minder, then they should start by learning the basics of reading often by helping them to recognise certain letters and the sounds they make. This is sometimes done using a scheme called “jolly phonics” which is a fun song all about letters and the sounds they make. This song makes it easy for children to remember the different letters of the alphabet. When your child starts school they will very quickly progress to starting to be able to put these sounds together to read words. Usually the first types of... Read More »

Helping students with their GCSE’s

It’s that time of the year again when students need to do their GCSE exams and this can be extremely stressful not just for students but for teachers as well. All teachers want their students to do well and they will worry if they have taught them everything they need to know and in a way which they will remember it. It is important to help manage student’s worries over exams as it can have a massive effect on them and this can not only affect their performance in the exams but also their mental wellbeing. If a student displays worries about exams that seem a little more concerning that normal then you need to act quick and get them the right help and support they need. Sometimes a quick... Read More »

How to make an impression as a new head teacher

As a head teacher coming in to a new school, you may worry about the first impressions you make. You cannot go back and redo first impressions so it is vital that you get it right from the get go. The first term is your time to make your mark and you need to think carefully about what, if any changes you want to make. If you have been bought in to a school to turn it around (following a poor Ofsted report for example) then you may need to come in quite hard and fast making a number of big chances very quickly. You will need to be prepared that this may ruffle some feathers and you will often get the impression that you are not well liked but... Read More »

Help for teachers with pupil behaviour

Behaviour in the classroom can have a massive effect on education. Bad behaviour can not only disrupt the education of the child who is not behaving but also of the rest of the class. If as a teacher you are finding that behaviour issues are coming up time and time again then you need to act quickly to avoid further disruption and to get the class back under control. One idea which has been tried and tested at a number of schools is the traffic light system. This allows all the children to start the day or week on a green card. If they behave well then they will remain on green, if they misbehave then they will often be given an orange or amber card. If this behaviour is... Read More »