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Taking time to study

When starting to work on any new project you should always take time to learn. Often people learn new skills by reading books but for some people they learn better by actually taking part practically in something. Video tutorials are a great way to see how to do something, often being able to have a visual aid makes it easier to learn that reading about it in a book or on a website. Learning a new language is a skill that many of us do over our life time. It usually starts at school where you are often taught the basics of French, German or Spanish and for some people this is then a basis for them to build upon to allow them to be fluent in that language. A... Read More »

Teachers responsibility for pupils well-being

As a teacher you will notice that home life can have a massive effect on a child’s ability at school. It may be that they are very quiet, have little confidence or that they misbehave. These things can happen throughout their school life or may only start happening after a recent event. It is important that teachers and parents or carers work together to ensure that the child feels safe and knows who they can talk to should they have any concerns. As a teacher you have a responsibility for the child when they are in your care, but if you worry about things at home which you feel are having an impact on their well-being or education then it is important that you speak up. Sometimes it may just... Read More »

What makes a good reception teacher?

A reception teacher has a very important job. You may be teaching a mix of children who have never been in any sort of learning environment outside the home and some children who have been in nursery full time for some years. You will need to be able to introduce children to school life and explain and ensure they understand all about behaviour and what is expected of them in school. Often children can get quite upset in reception as it may be the first time they are away from their parents for a long period of time or even if they are used to being at nursery, the change may shake them up a little. You need to be able to comfort the children to settle them into the... Read More »

Tips for covering another class

As a teacher you may be required to cover another class from time to time. This may be due to illness or a course. Pupils often like to try and push their luck with a new teacher and will often act up to see how far they can push the boundaries. It is important to teach your new class how you would your own. Be sure to set the rules as soon as you go in and don’t stand for any messing. Always have worksheets at the ready, you may have to cover a class that has now work left for them but even if they have, you can keep your worksheets on standby should some pupils finish early. The important thing when covering a class is not to panic... Read More »

A National Education Service? What is it?

To a teacher, the idea of a National Education Service, independent of Government, probably sounds like music to the ears, and it’s certainly an idea on the table, a core of the Corbynite Labour policy. But what would it mean, actually, in practice? It’s all undeniably vague, but the hope would be an evidence, and teacher-lead service, designed to educate and develop rather than to train and instil corporate values. Essentially the biggest criticism of a Corbynite government is that it is huge on ideas, but lacking on detail and delivery, but honestly, to me – that remains the beauty of it. The detail can, and should, be worked out by the deliverers, not left to political whims, interferences and devices. I didn’t learn free thought from school, and to... Read More »