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Becoming a great teacher

There are many different aspects that make a great teacher and below we look in t a few of them. Subject knowledge – Research backs up the theory that to be a great teacher you need to know what you are teaching. You need to be aware of the different subject matters and topics you are going to need to teach and spend some time learning about them. It more you know the easier it will be to help the children learn and to answer any questions they may have. Often how well a pupil picks up a subject or a task is down to how well the instructions were that they were given. To give your pupils the best chance to you need to ensure that you always give... Read More »

Back to school

With many students completing their first weeks back at school, it doesn’t take long to be able to get back in to the swing of things and settle down to some learning. My 4 year old recently started primary school and it amazes me how quickly she appears to have taken to it. They quickly learn the rules of the school and start to be given more responsibility almost instantly. It doesn’t take long to get in to the habit of listening to your child read every night, making sure that you always check their bag for school letters and double checking that they have come home with everything they went with that morning. Organisation is key in schools for students, teachers and parents and if they all work together,... Read More »

Teaching made fun

Research over many years has been consistent in showing that pupils often learn better when the subject or lesson is made fun and interesting. Teaching a subject in a way that will make it stand out to your pupils can be enough to help them remember the important information taught to them. Often teachers say that they run a usually hard lesson or boring lesson outdoors or in a totally different way to that of which the pupils are used to. This can make them enjoy learning and therefore they are more likely to stay focused on the subject matter. Often giving them physical experiments to do, or showing them videos can also help learning as seeing something in action can be easier to understand than just reading about it... Read More »

Helping with your child’s education at home

Of course much of a child’s education is done in schools, but you may be surprised as to how much impact education taught at home can have on a child’s learning. Children are learning from the day they are born (and even before in the womb) but as they get nearer school age, they start to develop certain skills and tis is often when they pick up a basic knowledge of reading and writing. Reading and writing skills can be helped by reading books with your child at home. Even from an early age, before they can understand many of the words, hearing books be read to them and asking them questions about what is going on in the picture can help them develop an imagination and an understanding of... Read More »

Getting the most out of your mentor

If you are lucky enough to have a business mentor then there are a few things you should know about to make sure that you get the most out of their time. If you have been offered a mentor as part of a training program then it is likely that you will not have to pay for their services. This advice can be golden to the success of your business especially in the early days. Some people believe there is no point in having a mentor that is not familiar with your business, but sometimes having a set of eyes to evaluate things that are not involved in the day to day logistics can prove vital. For most businesses, there are some rules and procedures that apply regardless as to... Read More »