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Is it possible for children to make up the time lost at school during lockdown?

For many children in the UK the amount of school time that has been lost due to the Coronavirus pandemic has been upwards of three months causing lots of parents to feel anxious about their children’s lack of academic progress during this time. The government are proposing catch up programmes that will be in place in schools for the autumn term but is it going to be feasible to ensure that each pupil is given the opportunity to take part in these programmes and make the expected progress that they would have done were they not to have missed out on their education? What many people do not realise is that children’s development is not linear that is to say they grow and develop in fits and starts sometimes having... Read More »

Is working as a teacher in a small school detrimental to your career progression?

There are a wide variety of primary schools in the UK ranging from large academies catering for in excess of a thousand pupils to small rural primaries which have just two classes and a total of less than fifty pupils on roll. It is a matter of personal choice which setting suits you as a primary school teacher with some teachers starting out at one end of the spectrum and changing their preference as they progress with their career but does it make a difference to your career progression and is a larger school better to work in if you have set your sights on a headship? The most obvious variance is that a larger school will usually have a higher turnover of staff giving the current staff the opportunity... Read More »

Some pupils set to return on the 1st June

Many teachers and head teachers are frantically trying to sort out how the schools are going to open back up to some year groups on the first of June. Initially it is only going to be reception, year one and year 6 but over the coming weeks more are likely to return. They are going to have to try and socially distant the children as much as possible and the whole day is going to be very disruptive. On top of this they need to try and look out for the mental health and wellbeing of the children and try and keep things as non clinical as possible so as not to upset them. It is going to require a lot of thought and planning as start and finish times... Read More »

Are we hitting a teacher shortage crisis?

Teachers are coming under a lot of pressure at the moment to keep schools open for those key workers that have to carry on working through this crisis. This may mean that they are working on rotation to ensure that there is adequate cover for the number of pupils that are in the school. Ver the last few years there has been a shortage of teachers not only training but actually staying in the profession and a lot of this is down to pressure and increased workloads. Currently there is such a demand for teachers than when a job becomes available, some schools are having to hire staff that they normally wouldn’t purely because they have had very little or no other applicants. This may mean that teachers that do... Read More »

How to deal with stress as a teacher

There is such a large number of teachers that quit the profession within the first year or so of teaching due to stress. This is a concern when we are relying on teachers to help the next generations learn what they need to in order to get good jobs and survive in the world. With the recent Coronavirus outbreak there is more stress on those working in the education sector than ever before. Teachers have to make the right decision as to when to send a pupil home or when to self-isolate, if they feel they have symptoms appear. As a teacher you may have many pressures already such as classroom control issues, workload, review and Ofsted inspections along with expectations of the parents. If a teacher is not offered... Read More »