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Reading books for children

With many children now back at school, parents are often looking at ways in which they can help to improve or aid their child’s learning. Often schools give out books to pupils to take home to read and this can be done right from reception age. When they first start they will usually be given a few picture books to start to try and understand what is happening in the picture and work out if there were words, what they might say. As they progress they will start to move up the levels and be given books with harder words and sentences. Children can very quickly pick up new skills and often it doesn’t take them long to start to move up the stages. Reading at home as well as... Read More »

Multiple age classrooms

With many schools now splitting classes in to groups f children from different year groups, it is essential that teachers know how to teach to allow all pupils the level of work and support they need. Especially small schools, where there is simply not enough pupils to have one teacher per year group, adopt the idea of teaching all the children together. If  you do work in a classroom like this then you need to consider your lesson and how you can tailor it to all the pupils or if you need to split the class in to smaller groups. Working in groups will allow you to give each one a separate task but remember that you may only have one TA or at times no one else to assist... Read More »

What are the advantages of becoming a supply teacher?

When you qualify as a teacher you have the choice as to whether to go into a permanent position or to go in to supply teaching. Supply teachers can be based a different school every day or they may be bought in to the same school for a number of weeks on a supply basis. Supply teaching can be a very rewarding job. If you have qualified as a teacher and looking for work quickly or if you have been employed as a full time teacher and are looking for something different then many people recommend trying supply teaching. Supply teacher jobs can offer you variety and a chance to gain experience working with children of all ages and backgrounds. As a supply teacher you will usually get paid more... Read More »

Supply teaching role

A supply teacher will often find that their role varies from school to school and often even from class to class meaning that sometimes they will be working off lesson plans that have already been given to them and other times they will be responsible for planning the lessons, teaching them and also marking the work afterwards. Supple teacher are often paid more per day than permanent teachers but it may be that they one get work for a few days of the week so that money needs to last them longer. Also as a supply teacher you will not be paid for holidays unless you are on some sort of a contract which states you will. With the variety of the job, many people say they enjoy supply teaching... Read More »

How can you help your child’s education at home?

Many parents would like to know how they can help their child more at home in terms of their education. Some parents worry about teaching their child the wrong thing or teaching them in the wrong way so therefore they avoid doing any of it.  You may think that your child can learn all they need to in regards to education from school, but studies have shown that children who receive extra help and educational activities at home usually do excel at school. The simple truth in the matter is that you do not have to be a teacher or be outstanding at maths and English etc. to be able to help your child learn. Even the simplest of tasks can help a child and often teaching your child in... Read More »