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Should children be put in to sets for Maths and English?

Currently most secondary schools’ split children up in to sets for Maths and English but this has recently started to filter through to some primary schools who have decided to adapt this way of teaching. Splitting children in to sets is often a bit of a controversial topic in which not all parents and teachers agree upon. Many parents worry that their child will be upset if they are in a bottom set for a subject and may not bother trying. They also may feel that their child has been put in the incorrect set for their ability level.

Working in sets can have a lot of advantages for pupils and teachers. It allows the teacher to tailor the work very specifically to the skill set of the group. Rather than having to create multiple pieces of work for the different abilities within the classroom, they can put all their effort in to creating one piece for everyone. They may also be able to spend more time with a child if needed as the lower sets may well have more TA’s or helpers in the class.

Pupils won’t feel out of their depth and overwhelmed by being given work that is too hard for them and also won’t feel bored or not put effort in as the work is too easy.