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Have you considered becoming a private tutor?

Education has been massively disrupted for the second year in a row due to Covid and lockdowns. Many schools were closed for a period of time, only able to teach keyworker children face to face. This meant that education was left in the hands of many parents who simply didn’t have the time or knowledge to teach their child what they needed to know.

Private tutoring is often called for when parents cannot or do not want to send their child in to a school or if they want their child to receive additional educational time. They may want the child to be home schooled and ask that a private tutor come to the home to teach them. Private tutoring isn’t just for children, it can be used by adults that want to further their education or learn a specific skill such as reading.

As a private tutor it is essential that you have great communication skills, written and oral and good IT skills. You will need to be confident and able to adapt to a way of teaching that works for your individual student. You need to have a wealth of patience and know how to encourage people.

Tutoring can be very rewarding but you are often judged on the results the pupil achieves.