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Supply teaching role

A supply teacher will often find that their role varies from school to school and often even from class to class meaning that sometimes they will be working off lesson plans that have already been given to them and other times they will be responsible for planning the lessons, teaching them and also marking the work afterwards. Supple teacher are often paid more per day than permanent teachers but it may be that they one get work for a few days of the week so that money needs to last them longer. Also as a supply teacher you will not be paid for holidays unless you are on some sort of a contract which states you will. With the variety of the job, many people say they enjoy supply teaching... Read More »

How can you help your child’s education at home?

Many parents would like to know how they can help their child more at home in terms of their education. Some parents worry about teaching their child the wrong thing or teaching them in the wrong way so therefore they avoid doing any of it.  You may think that your child can learn all they need to in regards to education from school, but studies have shown that children who receive extra help and educational activities at home usually do excel at school. The simple truth in the matter is that you do not have to be a teacher or be outstanding at maths and English etc. to be able to help your child learn. Even the simplest of tasks can help a child and often teaching your child in... Read More »

How to prepare and deal with parents evening

It should come as no shock that many teachers find their roles stressful and parents evening can just be one of many triggers for stress. As a teacher you have a very important role to play and at parents evening you may feel that you have to justify your way of teaching, explain to parents issues that their child has which they may find upsetting or be put on the stop answer questions which you may not have had time to consider. Parent’s evenings are often carried out when we feel tired and hungry and this will not help stress levels. Always make sure you have a drink and have a chance to get something to eat prior to starting. It is very important to make a good first impression,... Read More »

Homework doesn’t have to be boring

Many children moan when they hear the word homework, but as a teacher you may be able to make the tasks a little more interesting and something that they will actually enjoy doing. Even children as young as reception age are set some sort of home work but it is usually a practical task that they need to complete with an adult. When designing home work for your students you need to consider what it is you need them to learn or research? Rather than just giving them a list of questions to answer, see if you can make them find proof to the answer such as finding a plant that has not had any sunlight and therefore not grown. Asking them to take pictures, cut out stories from the... Read More »

Using technology as a link for parents and schools

  More and more schools are introducing online based systems to track and report on the pupil’s progress. In reception, for example, children are required to show that they can confidently carry out such tasks in accordance with the EYFS (early year’s foundation stages). Teachers often use a system online that they can upload evidence of children completing such tasks, such as photos taken or project they have made. This is not only a great way to record information to show to Ofsted etc, but also allows the parents of that child to log in and view recent topics they have been doing and see their child’s work from that day or week. The systems often also allow you to upload images and comments to a topic or even create... Read More »