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Building children’s self-esteem in the classroom

It is widely recognised that a child’s self-esteem is a contributing factor to their progress at school and their behaviour in the classroom and so it is vitally important that staff in school aim to build and develop positive self-esteem wherever possible. There are a number of ways in which this can be encouraged in the classroom and in the wider school community. Firstly, the whole ethos of the school should be one of mutual respect where every pupil is valued. The idea that every child has the potential to excel in something is an important one and children should be encouraged to explore lots of different avenues to find their niche not just the academic routes that so often are prevalent in school. Giving children small responsibilities in the... Read More »

Planning Christmas in the classroom

This Christmas is going to be like no other. Although we are all hoping that we will be able to get to see at least some of our loved ones, it is likely to be a lot quieter than usual. Schools are having to have a rethink about how they do all of their usual activities on the build up to Christmas as many of them will either have to be scrapped completely or changed to allow for social distancing. Christmas plays in many schools have been cancelled or some have decided to just do them per class and film them for the parents to watch from the comfort of their own home. Another tradition that has had to be rethought is the Christmas disco that many children have at... Read More »

Getting ready for Christmas at school

Teaching has had to change drastically this year with strict Covid restrictions coming in to play. Often as Christmas approaches teachers are busy planning Christmas plays and winding down the class ready for the break but it is very unlikely that Christmas plays will be going ahead this year and if they do, they will be somewhat different. You may find it hard to get the children to concentrate as much as they often start to get excited and may easily become distracted but rather than getting stressed by this, embrace it and start to bring Christmas in to your lesson plans. Think of way in which you can incorporate Christmas to plan an exciting and creative lesson that the children will love getting involved in. For example, you may... Read More »

Should schools look to bring in more staff

For a number of years now many teachers have complained that too much is expected of them and that they should have more help in the classroom and also time to prepare, plan and mark work. Most teachers have a TA working with them but often they do not have a TA with them all day. IF the teacher needs to go out the room, they cannot leave the children unattended so this makes it very hard for them if they have no TA. A teaching assistant can sit with a small group of children or sometimes one or two individuals to help them with the task that has been set. It is their job to ensure that the child understands what they need to do and to possible help... Read More »

Can schools open safely this year?

Many parents can’t wait to send their offspring back to school after the many months of home schooling they have been forced to do but is it safe for children to go back to school and how confident can parents be that their child will be safe? There is an enormous debate going on between politicians, teaching unions and parents about the measures that are needed to allow schools to open safely in September. Data has been produced indicating that in other countries schools have been able to reopen without any significant rise in Covid infection rates so what do schools need to do if we want our children to restart their education again? There has been lots of talk about having bubbles of staff and children and this worked... Read More »