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Money saving tips for the classroom

Schools’ budgets are being squeezed along with every other public sector budget with many school heads wondering how they are going to balance the books in coming months. Many teachers are therefore going to be under pressure to make savings where they can in the classroom and although some things may be out of their control such as heating there are some savings that they can influence.

The number of resources such as paper, pens and pencils and other stationary materials that are used in the average classroom is huge and so it is essential that the pupils are made aware of the need to take care of these resources. Some schools issue pupils in a new class with their own stationary set giving them the responsibility for looking after their own belongings. Lost items may be required to be replaced by parents which is quite a controversial move.

Turning off lighting in empty classrooms has become a common thing now with some classes having a lighting monitor pupil whose job it is to turn the lights off when the pupils go to break or to assembly.

Recycling and reusing items in the classroom can be a good way to show children that many items are thrown away unnecessarily such as yogurt pots repurposed into paint and glue pots and old newspapers used to cover tables when doing crafts. Parents will often send in old shirts that can be used instead of buying expensive painting aprons.

All these measures can help to save money in an environment already financially stretched to breaking point.