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Are you providing independent learning opportunities?

Although teachers are not in school at the moment the majority will still be thinking at times about their classroom organisation and how they can encourage pupils to be more independent in their learning. Any teacher will tell you that classroom organisation is vital to promote good behaviour and to encourage independent learning of the children in the class.

The resources that the pupils will need for their everyday tasks such as pencils, pens and erasers should ideally be in a container on the table so that the pupils will not need to get out of their seats to get this equipment. It is also useful to have spelling lists or dictionaries on the tables to encourage children to use them independently when carrying out writing tasks.

During mathematics lessons pupils should be able to choose the learning aids that they need to complete the task as this part of building up their mathematical skills. Counting apparatus such as string beads and addition and multiplication grids should be easily available in labelled drawers so that they are ready for children to use them when they need to.

Many schools still have a library area where pupils can find a book with information on a particular topic they are studying and of course pupils now can use laptops and tablets for independent research.