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Outdoor education opportunities for pupils

During this part of the school year, many teachers take the opportunity to take their pupils outdoors more frequently for lessons other than physical education. The value of this has been shown to be of great benefit for all pupils and can increase motivation and inspire children to be more creative in other curriculum areas.

Forest schools is a relatively new concept which mimics educational practices used mainly in Scandinavian counties and involves children spending time outdoors in all weathers learning new skills and enjoying the outside environment. Most schools now incorporate this into the school day for some year groups which has been a challenge for urban schools without easily accessible wild spaces.

Besides the use of forest school sessions, a creative teacher can opt to use the outdoor space for many lessons. For instance, simple mathematics can be taught using the natural environment as pupils can collect natural materials to count and group. In literacy, poetry writing benefits from being outside in nature with pupils able to experience the effects of the wind on the trees and seeing first hand different insects and birds. Science is an ideal subject to take outside especially when studying plants and growing but also for the sometimes messier aspects of science such as experiments involving mixing solutions.

So, come on educators, take your lessons outside today to inspire and motivate your pupils.