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How are schools coping with loss of staff?

During the Covid pandemic there have been times when many schools have struggled with staff illnesses. As many students were also at home at times, it did mean that some teachers were still able to work as they didn’t need to leave their house but over the last few months with the surge of Omicron, many schools are struggling to keep up with demand. Omicron although seemingly less dangerous to most, is affecting more people and with teachers still having to isolate, it means there are less and less available to teach. Sometimes this has meant that schools have had to close or close to certain year groups and switch to online learning. This has meant yet more disruption for pupils but with a shortage of supply teachers, it is often the only option.

When teaching remotely, students do not get the same out of a lesson that they would do if they were in class so many parents and teachers are keen to get back to usual teaching as soon as possible. Teachers are often choosing to go over subjects that the students have already learn rather than having to try and teach new ones, but this may mean that many fall behind with where they need to be.