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Getting parents on board

Often teachers will say one of the hardest parts of their job is dealing with the parents. The parents are obviously protective and want the best for their child, but the teacher often has 30 pupils that all need to be given a fair chance and have opportunities. Some parents can become quite pushy when their child starts school and they can often make the job of the teacher very hard.

As a teacher it is important to try and get parents on side. Make sure that you are approachable and willing to listen to parents concerns. It may be that you need to designate a day or time of day for this to be done. Make sure that you communicate with the child’s parent’s not just on negative issues but also when a child has done particularly well or being extra helpful etc.

Parents evening is a chance to really talk one on one with the parents about any concerns you have or areas that you think would benefit the child if practised at home such as reading or spellings. Make sure that if you are going to say something negative about a child that you have examples that you can tell or show the parents so it is clear as to what took place.