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Multiple age classrooms

With many schools now splitting classes in to groups f children from different year groups, it is essential that teachers know how to teach to allow all pupils the level of work and support they need. Especially small schools, where there is simply not enough pupils to have one teacher per year group, adopt the idea of teaching all the children together.

If  you do work in a classroom like this then you need to consider your lesson and how you can tailor it to all the pupils or if you need to split the class in to smaller groups. Working in groups will allow you to give each one a separate task but remember that you may only have one TA or at times no one else to assist you.

Often teachers chose to start off by talking to the class as a whole and giving them a group task then splitting the class down in to groups or pairs to work on slight variations of the work. Then at the end you can bring them back together again to do a summary.

Putting children in mixed year classes has shown to help the overall achievement of the class with the younger students picking up information quickly from the older ones.