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Reading books for children

With many children now back at school, parents are often looking at ways in which they can help to improve or aid their child’s learning. Often schools give out books to pupils to take home to read and this can be done right from reception age. When they first start they will usually be given a few picture books to start to try and understand what is happening in the picture and work out if there were words, what they might say. As they progress they will start to move up the levels and be given books with harder words and sentences. Children can very quickly pick up new skills and often it doesn’t take them long to start to move up the stages. Reading at home as well as at school definitely helps with the child’s educational progress and can also give them confidence when it comes to reading out loud to a teacher or the rest of the class. Rather than buying books, you could join a library and allow your child to go an pick a book that they want to read and then be able to change it after.