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What are the advantages of becoming a supply teacher?

When you qualify as a teacher you have the choice as to whether to go into a permanent position or to go in to supply teaching. Supply teachers can be based a different school every day or they may be bought in to the same school for a number of weeks on a supply basis. Supply teaching can be a very rewarding job. If you have qualified as a teacher and looking for work quickly or if you have been employed as a full time teacher and are looking for something different then many people recommend trying supply teaching.

Supply teacher jobs can offer you variety and a chance to gain experience working with children of all ages and backgrounds. As a supply teacher you will usually get paid more than a full time employed teacher, meaning that you may only need to work possibly 3 or 4 days a week to make your salary up to that of what you would have earned in a permanent position. If you find your current teaching job stressful, supply teaching may be just the break you need allowing you to work with a variety of pupils and often not having to worry about the all aspects of planning / markingĀ  / reports etc. Some supply teachers are expected to still carry on with marking etc. so be sure to check what you need to be doing.