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Time management techniques

A teacher’s job is very stressful, and although many people are under the illusion that teaching is an easy job, it is often far from it. Teaching is more than just the work that is done in the classroom there is a huge amount of prior planning and marking that has to be done on a daily basis.

With classrooms often having a wide range of abilities, teachers cannot always set one task for everyone, so the work needs to be created for the different ability levels that are within that class. This can mean that one lesson requires hours of planning and preparation to ensure that it is suited to each and every student.

When trying to manage the work load, there are a few tips that can help. Do not leave it all to the last minute as this will put unnecessary pressure on yourself and can often mean the lesson does not go to plan. Use the PPA time you are given wisely, if you are getting distracted by having this time in a classroom, then speak to your head teacher about alternative places that PPA time can be used.