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Teachers responsibility for pupils well-being

As a teacher you will notice that home life can have a massive effect on a child’s ability at school. It may be that they are very quiet, have little confidence or that they misbehave. These things can happen throughout their school life or may only start happening after a recent event. It is important that teachers and parents or carers work together to ensure that the child feels safe and knows who they can talk to should they have any concerns. As a teacher you have a responsibility for the child when they are in your care, but if you worry about things at home which you feel are having an impact on their well-being or education then it is important that you speak up. Sometimes it may just be a quick word with the parents (if for example the child is getting too little sleep and therefore cannot concentrate in lessons) or other times you may need to pass the information on to the head teacher.
When teaching you may need to spend more time with some pupils than others who may require additional help. It could be that they have a learning difficulty which needs diagnosing or that they need to do more work at home to help aid their learning. Children learn at different rates so what may be normal for one child may not for another.