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What makes a good reception teacher?

A reception teacher has a very important job. You may be teaching a mix of children who have never been in any sort of learning environment outside the home and some children who have been in nursery full time for some years. You will need to be able to introduce children to school life and explain and ensure they understand all about behaviour and what is expected of them in school.

Often children can get quite upset in reception as it may be the first time they are away from their parents for a long period of time or even if they are used to being at nursery, the change may shake them up a little. You need to be able to comfort the children to settle them into the school day quickly and start to teach. There may be a very mixed range of abilities of the children that start in reception, so often you will have to tailor the work to suit all of them. To start with you will need to get to know each child and find out what they are capable of. You then may start to split them into smaller group when it comes to reading etc. to ensure every pupil gets the help and support they need.