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Recognising when a student may need extra help

As a teacher you have a high level of responsibility to the school, the parents and to the students. You will need to be able to use your skills, knowledge and experience to offer them the best education you can and to help recognise when a student may be struggling and get the extra help they may need.

Knowing what signs to look out for when working with students will help you establish which ones may need extra tie to complete a task or may need to be shown in a different way. Ideally students should be encouraged to work with each other as often you may find if one student is struggling then it will help them to be surrounded by more able students as long as they are given the extra resources or time that they need.

If a student  is displaying signs of special needs, then you as a teacher, may need to refer this up to the relevant organisation to ensure that the students gets the assessment required to identify learning issues they may have. Picking up on these early can have a great positive impact on a student’s overall learning and achievements.