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Planning Christmas in the classroom

This Christmas is going to be like no other. Although we are all hoping that we will be able to get to see at least some of our loved ones, it is likely to be a lot quieter than usual. Schools are having to have a rethink about how they do all of their usual activities on the build up to Christmas as many of them will either have to be scrapped completely or changed to allow for social distancing.

Christmas plays in many schools have been cancelled or some have decided to just do them per class and film them for the parents to watch from the comfort of their own home. Another tradition that has had to be rethought is the Christmas disco that many children have at their school. These again will not be able to take place as they normally would, but many are having a small party or film day in their own individual class bubbles. Christmas fayres will not be able to go ahead but the school may still be able to run a raffle etc. Although you as a parent may feel like your child is missing out, they actually on the whole seem rather excited that it is something a bit different this year.