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Getting ready for Christmas at school

Teaching has had to change drastically this year with strict Covid restrictions coming in to play. Often as Christmas approaches teachers are busy planning Christmas plays and winding down the class ready for the break but it is very unlikely that Christmas plays will be going ahead this year and if they do, they will be somewhat different.

You may find it hard to get the children to concentrate as much as they often start to get excited and may easily become distracted but rather than getting stressed by this, embrace it and start to bring Christmas in to your lesson plans. Think of way in which you can incorporate Christmas to plan an exciting and creative lesson that the children will love getting involved in. For example, you may set a task that they need to write a letter to Father Christmas or using math work out how long it would take him to visit every child in the UK on Christmas eve.

It is also important to teach children the background behind Christmas and where it all started from as many children may simply think it is all about presents etc.