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Is supply teaching a good option?

Many teachers at some point consider supply teaching. This may be when they first qualify, as they approach retirement age or just when their personal circumstances have changed and they need to have more flexibility.

Supply teaching can be very rewarding and if you are unsure as to whether you want a full time job as a teacher then it’s a good way to explore the industry without having to commit to a permanent post. If you are already employed in a permanent position by a school then you will usually have to give at least one terms notice before leaving, if you are a supply teacher you can literally pick and choose which days you work. As a supply teacher, you will usually be paid a higher salary per day than a permanent teacher but the work is not guaranteed so you may only get a few days’ worth of work a week. Also you will not usually get paid throughout the school holidays so will need to factor this in to your budget too.

Although supply teachers do not have as much responsibility you may still have to undertake certain tasks such as marking work especially if you are covering a teacher who is going to be away for a while.