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Teacher time management

As a teacher, managing your time effectively is crucial to allow you to do everything you need to. There is so much work to do even after the class has gone home, that if you do not find ways to manage your time you will often be working late in to the night and every weekend.

Not only managing your time in your job, but also making sure that you have time for yourself.

It is easy to forget about your home life and spend all your days working but this can lead to high stress levels and overworking can make you become ill.

All teachers are now given something called PPA time which is supposed to be the time in the classroom without the children, where they can mark or plan work. Unfortunately, this time often gets eaten up by other things, you may be asked to cover another class or have a student sent to sit with you who is being disruptive in their own class. If this happens you should be given more PPA time that week to allow you to catch up, but that is not always the case. Ideally you should split your week up in to time marking, time planning and preparing and time to yourself.