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Homework doesn’t have to be boring

Many children moan when they hear the word homework, but as a teacher you may be able to make the tasks a little more interesting and something that they will actually enjoy doing. Even children as young as reception age are set some sort of home work but it is usually a practical task that they need to complete with an adult.

When designing home work for your students you need to consider what it is you need them to learn or research? Rather than just giving them a list of questions to answer, see if you can make them find proof to the answer such as finding a plant that has not had any sunlight and therefore not grown. Asking them to take pictures, cut out stories from the paper or create a video can really make homework a little more interesting for the students and even for the teacher when it comes to marking.

Obviously it may not be possible to do this all the time but bear in mind that when a student goes home they may not want to think about school even if they have to, so try and help them but making it as fun as possible.