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Playing catch up after lockdown schooling

Children across Britain have undoubtedly missed out on huge chunks of learning during the two main lockdowns that we have had and although teachers and parents tried their best to provide pupils with educational activities during these times it fell short of the quality of teaching and learning that children usually have due to the difficulties with technology, the lack of expertise of some parents who were trying to support their children and the struggle to motivate some pupils to participate daily.

Now that pupils are back in the classroom, schools are trying to help pupils to catch up on this missed learning, but it is a difficult task as some distancing restrictions are still in place meaning that classroom routines are different and normal teaching methods are having to be adapted in some cases making them less effective for some of the pupils.

There have been discussions about lengthening the school day and shortening lunchtimes but for young children of primary age this may lead to poor behaviour in the classroom as the children are not having the opportunity to play with their peers a very important part of a child’s social education and equally as important as their academic schooling so care must be taken to consider the whole child when deciding on the best way to support their learning going forward.