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Online safety for children

For the last couple of years, the use of the internet has risen exponentially as we have had to use it to keep in touch with friends and family, work from home, shop for food and other items and connect with teachers during online learning. Children, who already went online on a frequent basis anyway now see it as an essential part of their lives but how do we teach our children to be safe online when they may be using the internet more now than ever?

The rules and restrictions that parents or teachers need to put on a child’s online activity will usually be dependent upon their age. For example, young children should not be able to access the internet without an adult monitoring the content they are viewing. Games they play on should have in app purchases turned off and be rated as appropriate to their age. It is sensible it for any age of child to talk about the importance of keeping your real name, age and location secret to all but genuine friends.

Monitoring online activity with older children can become more problematic as parents and teachers cannot see everything the child does online however parental controls can be set up at home so that whatever they access online can be viewed by the parent which in itself will restrict their viewing. At school, a similar system can be used.