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Educational games for the summer holidays

With many children now off school for six weeks, parents are thinking of ways they can keep their children entertained. It is also important to ensure that your child still does something that’s are educational and keeps their brain ticking over throughout the holidays. You may want to invest in some workbooks and put aside an amount of time each week when you ask your children to sit down and work through some of the exercises in them. These books are often quite fun but you may find that your child quickly gets bored especially if they know their friends are playing games of that the sun is shining and they want to be outside.

There are plenty of ways to have fun in the holidays whilst it still has some educational value. Simple things such as playing shops with your child or asking them to write their own story can help with their maths and English skills, but to them, it will seem more like play.

Have a look online for tips and ideas on educational games to play with your children at home. Baking can help the child understand quantities and measurements and then allow them to decorate the cakes afterwards can help with their creativity.