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Helping students to build friendships

As a teacher, you will have gone through years of training showing you how to teach children the information they need to take with them through school and into their adult life. Many of the skills you teach them will be academic and linked to maths, science, history etc but there is another side to teaching that should not be overlooked.

Teachers will often need to help manage pupils behaviour and also friendships. This is especially true for early years such as key stage one where some children may not have mixed with other children much prior to starting school. It is important to teach a child and give them confidence in how to make friends and start to explain to them what is important. Often teachers will do the tasks in which they ask the children what a good friend is and how they can be a good friend. This will allow the children to understand what they need to do in order to gain friends.

Teachers may also need to teach children how to deal with their emotions and what they should do if they feel that someone is not being very nice to them or they are being bullied.