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Helping students with their GCSE’s

It’s that time of the year again when students need to do their GCSE exams and this can be extremely stressful not just for students but for teachers as well. All teachers want their students to do well and they will worry if they have taught them everything they need to know and in a way which they will remember it.

It is important to help manage student’s worries over exams as it can have a massive effect on them and this can not only affect their performance in the exams but also their mental wellbeing. If a student displays worries about exams that seem a little more concerning that normal then you need to act quick and get them the right help and support they need. Sometimes a quick chat will help put them at ease other times you may need to get other people involved to ensure that the student is ok.

GCSE’s are very important but there are other options available to students who do not obtain the grades they achieve. If for exam they need certain grades to be able to get into sixth form then they can apply to the school discussing what results they got to see if they may still consider them. If not, they can apply to colleges who will either allow them to re-sit their GCSE’s or put them on other courses using the grades they currently have.