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Help for teachers with pupil behaviour

Behaviour in the classroom can have a massive effect on education. Bad behaviour can not only disrupt the education of the child who is not behaving but also of the rest of the class. If as a teacher you are finding that behaviour issues are coming up time and time again then you need to act quickly to avoid further disruption and to get the class back under control.

One idea which has been tried and tested at a number of schools is the traffic light system. This allows all the children to start the day or week on a green card. If they behave well then they will remain on green, if they misbehave then they will often be given an orange or amber card. If this behaviour is repeated again they may find themselves on a red card. The good thing about this method is that it is visual and not only to the child who’s behaviour is not acceptable but to the rest of the class.

It is often suggested that rather than singling one or two pupils out to put on a reward system, it is better to do it for the whole case so that all the pupils know that the teacher has the same expectations for everyone. This means that no child should feel singled out and that they understand everyone has to abide by the same terms.