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Learning lessons from home schooling

Schools and teachers of today have had to embrace online learning more than any other generation. Some have faced up to the challenge brilliantly which has made a tremendous difference to parents struggling to get to grips with the technology and sometimes reluctant learners at home.

The best examples of online learning and teaching that has emerged has been when the task and instructions are clear and unambiguous and do not require previous knowledge from the parents and carers. Some adults may not be confident in their own academic ability and this has caused difficulties when trying to support their children often trying to use teaching methods that are alien to them.

Teachers that have provided a variety of activities with a mix of practical and written tasks understand that children learn best if they are motivated and this teaching style increases the chances of pupils joining in without complaint.

Feed back to the child and also the parent is a vital part of successful online learning and need not be lengthy but shows that the teacher is responding to their submission and recognising the effort that the child has put into the task. Rewards in the form of certificates and school team points can have a positive effect on continued learning.