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Home schooling-here we go again

For many parents, the news that schools were again closing left them wondering how they were going to cope with the demands of home schooling their children especially for those that are trying to work from home at the same time. This time there is an expectation that children will complete three to five hours of schoolwork a day which is proving to be a huge undertaking for parents with children of different ages.

Schools are doing their best to provide contact with teachers and tasks for children to complete along with feedback for work completed. Each school is taking a slightly different approach trying to find a way to support children and their parents in their area whilst also teaching critical worker children who are coming into school. So, what should the children be doing during this time to ensure that they do not fall behind in their learning?

The main idea is that they should still do some school-based learning every day from Monday to Friday, so a sense of routine is maintained. This should include some mathematical work and times table revision, writing and reading in literacy and some topic-based work such as a research project, art or design and some amount of PE. Most schools are providing resources to support this learning and can be contacted by email if there are any queries.