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Parents call for less testing more learning

Over the past decade or so more and more tests have been bought in to schools leaving many parents feeling that their child is being put under unnecessary pressure.

Many parents and teachers are pushing for the government to look into the number of exams and tests that young people have to endure as not only are the exams and test getting more frequent but also more intense and pass rates are often dropping due to the high expectations.

Some students simply do not respond well to exams. They may be excellent in class but when it comes to exams, go to pot. For these students, introducing more exams is especially hard as it may make them look like they are not competent.

Many subjects are now made up of part practice and part written to allow the students who struggle with exams to still do well.

Teachers often have to spend too much time teaching children how to pass exams rather than teaching them the skills and experience they need in the working world. With children being tested within the first few years of school life, surely this needs to be changed.