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Why the Norwegian Education System is so Effective

It can be very difficult to measure the effectiveness of any system involving a significant human element. The education system is definitely one such system. Having any  means of measurement with some reliability is to be applauded, although finding a perfect tool of measurement is impossible. But, having looked at some useful metrics, we can see patterns arise from the data. For instance, Norway is usually one of the top countries for all means of measurements in the PISA statistics. One such measurement that they are number one in is the number of years that people of a specific age have spent in education. This is useful, as it allows us to assume how much time people have dedicated to education. Being well situated in the rankings would indicate that education is a priority in your nation. This dedication is largely responsible for the successes of the Norwegian model, with them having some of the highest paid teachers in the world, as well as a relaxed internal proficiency tests, in favour of dedicating their students time toward learning their specific subjects.