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Teaching children important life skills

As a teacher it is your job to teach the students the curriculum as set out byt the government, but along with the academic side of things, there are also some important life skills that you need to teach them too. In reception, children may have a wide range of abilities and so you may need to tailor your lessons to allow for smaller groups.

Friendships is always something that causes issues right from reception class, and it is vital that children learn what an acceptable way of treating people is, and what isn’t acceptable. They may need to be taught to share, or to vent their anger in a different way. All of these skills are used throughout our lives and can help children or adults.

Punctuality is another skill that can be discussed at school. Teaching pupils why it is important to be on time to things and the effects it can have if people are late. This is something that is often very important later on in life when you have a job.

Taking pride in your appearance is another skill that children should be taught from a young age. Knowing what is acceptable to wear at school and at home can help a child understand that different things are ok for home that may be for work or school.