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How to deal with stress as a teacher

There is such a large number of teachers that quit the profession within the first year or so of teaching due to stress. This is a concern when we are relying on teachers to help the next generations learn what they need to in order to get good jobs and survive in the world. With the recent Coronavirus outbreak there is more stress on those working in the education sector than ever before. Teachers have to make the right decision as to when to send a pupil home or when to self-isolate, if they feel they have symptoms appear.

As a teacher you may have many pressures already such as classroom control issues, workload, review and Ofsted inspections along with expectations of the parents. If a teacher is not offered the correct help and support these stresses can soon mount up to become unmanageable. When this happens, teachers often have to go off with stress or decide to leave the profession altogether.

If you are a teacher and worried about anything at work and feel under too much pressure it is important that you seek help from colleagues but also from professional bodies.