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How can parents support teachers?

Some parents believe that it is a teacher’s job to teach a child all they need to know to pass exams and do well in life academically, but without the support of parents this can be almost impossible. The role of a teacher is very demanding and often you do not have enough time to spend one on one with the children. It may be that the teacher has a class of very mixed abilities and therefore need to insure that the work is challenging enough for the higher ability and not over whelming for the lower ability.

There is only so much a teacher can do and the parents pay a big part. Listening to your child read every day (if possible) will really help in all aspects of their education. Taking an active role in overseeing their homework and even as simple as asking them what they have done at school that day will help them grasp essential life skills.

As your child gets older you may need to allow them to get involved in after school clubs or groups to teach them new skills that they may not have the opportunity to learn at school. When the time comes for selecting GCSE subjects, parents can help a child understand what qualifications they need to continue down a specific career path.