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Getting ready for the summer break

Many teachers are now on the wide down to summer holidays and looking forward to the 6 week break. This last week or so in school can be quite hard work as not only are the children often worn out and ready for a break but there is usually a lot of disruption. You may have sports days, taster lessons in their new classes, team treats and end of year assemblies to fit in on top of your normal lessons and marking. You will also have to start to think about the new class that you will be teaching and start to make changes to the classroom in readiness for September.

Many schools have a PD day just after the children officially break up to give them time to start to organise their new class, so it is often advisable to wait until then to make any change to displays, drawers and seating arrangements.

The children can often get a bit disruptive during the last few weeks of terms so it is important to plan activities that will allow them to have some fun but also that are structured to ensure that you keep control of the class.