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Are we hitting a teacher shortage crisis?

Teachers are coming under a lot of pressure at the moment to keep schools open for those key workers that have to carry on working through this crisis. This may mean that they are working on rotation to ensure that there is adequate cover for the number of pupils that are in the school.

Ver the last few years there has been a shortage of teachers not only training but actually staying in the profession and a lot of this is down to pressure and increased workloads.

Currently there is such a demand for teachers than when a job becomes available, some schools are having to hire staff that they normally wouldn’t purely because they have had very little or no other applicants. This may mean that teachers that do not have the sufficient experience are being put in to roles that are out of their depth.

Many students are being put of training to become teachers due to the stress levels that come with the job, which seem to have increased drastically over the last few years. Something needs to change in the industry to make it more attractive to students in to progressing in to a teaching role.