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Is it possible for children to make up the time lost at school during lockdown?

For many children in the UK the amount of school time that has been lost due to the Coronavirus pandemic has been upwards of three months causing lots of parents to feel anxious about their children’s lack of academic progress during this time.

The government are proposing catch up programmes that will be in place in schools for the autumn term but is it going to be feasible to ensure that each pupil is given the opportunity to take part in these programmes and make the expected progress that they would have done were they not to have missed out on their education?

What many people do not realise is that children’s development is not linear that is to say they grow and develop in fits and starts sometimes having a boost of learning then plateauing for a while. It is therefore unnecessary to worry that their progress will be affected in the long term as they will catch up academically probably over the first term in which they are back in school.

By far the most concerning issue will be settling children back into the school routine especially as some things may be quite different for a time but with the support of the many talented teachers working in schools at the moment they will no doubt provide their pupils with a safe and welcoming environment.