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How can you help your child’s education at home?

Many parents would like to know how they can help their child more at home in terms of their education. Some parents worry about teaching their child the wrong thing or teaching them in the wrong way so therefore they avoid doing any of it.  You may think that your child can learn all they need to in regards to education from school, but studies have shown that children who receive extra help and educational activities at home usually do excel at school.

The simple truth in the matter is that you do not have to be a teacher or be outstanding at maths and English etc. to be able to help your child learn. Even the simplest of tasks can help a child and often teaching your child in a practical way such as weighing out ingredients for a cake or counting the number of people there are for dinner can be more useful than sitting them down with a piece of paper covered in questions. Studies show that children tend to learn better when being able to visuals something and if the lesson is fun. For example, spelling is much more fun when taught with fridge magnets or even a simplified version of Scrabble.