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A teachers guide to planning a parents evening

Many teachers often find their job quite stressful. This can be for a number of reasons such as one or more disruptive pupils, the sheer volume of work load they are expected to do or dealing with the parents of the pupils. Often teachers say that parents can cause them more anxiety than the pupils and that they often feel under minded and not supported by a number of parents of the pupils in their class.

When it comes to parent’s evening, teachers need to tell the parents about the progress of the child in terms of their education but also discuss any other matters such as behaviour, friendships and possibly even effects of family life. As some parents may feel quite protective of their child, these subjects can be hard to bring up.

Teachers should always make notes on what they want to say about a pupil. They need to bullet point positives and negative points that need to be discussed and also possibly have examples of work to back up their comments.

It is important to always end on a positive note so that the parents feel happier that there are good points to your conversation even if you have had to give them a lot of negatives.